CVEs' and Bug Bounties

Vishnu Dev T J

CVE 2020-7039, CVE 2019-14378 Vishnu Dev TJ discovered and reported two security bugs in QEMU’s Network stack, which can be triggered from the VM to get code execution on the host machine. This was responsibly disclosed to the Red Hat security team.
He also won won the 10th edition of PwnyRacing event, competing against the world’s best in the field.

S Ashwin Shenoi

S Ashwin Shenoi of S6 CSE, Tarunkant Gupta of S8 CSE, and Gokul Krishna alumni are assigned three CVE’s for critical vulnerabilities in Stored XSS on displaying Block labels CVE 2019-14769, Stored XSS
from search functionalityCVE 2019-14770 , and Remote Code Execution
using import/export functionality CVE 2019-14771.

Sayooj Samuel

Sayooj Samuel was awarded a Certificate of Diploma for his performance in the 6th International Students Olympiad in Cryptography, NSUCRYPTO’19
Certificate of Diploma

Tarunkant Gupta

Tarunkant Gupta of S8 CSE found a critical security vulnerability on Quora,
affecting millions of users of Quora. He received a bounty of $3000 for this bug

Suraj K Suresh

Suraj K Suresh is working on Porting Syzkaller to ReactOS which will help in catching bugs
by fuzzing the kernel through winapi as a part of GSoC’20.

Aditya Vardhan Padala

Aditya Vardhan Padala is working on Rumpkernel Syscall Fuzzing for NetBSD to integrate a selection of fuzzers with the rumpkernel codebase involving sanitizers for efficient fuzzing of rump kernel syscalls
as a part of GSoC’20.

Ayushi Sharma

Ayushi Sharma would be working on Enhancing the syzkaller's support for NetBSD, as a part of GSoC'20. Project involves fixing existing issues related to network stack support for syzkaller, improving
coverage by adding new syscalls as well as ioctl calls for device drivers
and fuzzing other interfaces in syzkaller.

Siddarth Muralee

Siddharth Muralee worked on Enhancing support for NetBSD kernel fuzzing in Syzkaller kernel fuzzer and adding support for fuzzing other kernel subsystems as a part of GSoC'19

Akul Pillai

Akul Pillai worked on Adapting TriforceAFL for NetBSD Kernel Fuzzer to effectively catch and report issues in the NetBSD kernel for amd64 as a part of GSoC'19.