Cyber Awareness

Cyber Ethics

Cyber Ethics basically touches on our online behaviour, how we conduct ourselves online and whether we follow certain unwritten rules of the online space.
We do have a choice to make when we come in face with our evil self. We can either be a good netizen or be the bully.

    Few unwritten rules to follow are to be a good netizen are:
  • Take consent to share pictures, video or written article of someone else

  • Refrain from posting hurtful content

  • Do not write vulgar or hurtful comments on someone's post

  • Refrain from spreading rumours about people online as well as offline

  • Do not invade another person's privacy

  • Always give credit to the original creator if you are using their work. Also ask permission when needed

  • Do not spread malware in systems and devices intentionally

  • Gaining illegal authorization to operate a computer or systems is a crime

  • Do not threaten, stalk or bully a user

  • Do not obtain services online through deception

  • Refrain from downloading software from unverified websites

  • Understand that liking and sharing or reposting of embarrassing and humiliating pics and content is also considered cyber bullying. Thus refrain from any activity that harms another person.