Cyber Awareness

Cyber Predators

We all know the term “Stranger Danger” that our parents told us about. We follow it very well in the physical world and not talk to strangers at all. But while we are online, we let our guards down and chat with people we don't know, and either get in trouble or we end up hurt. The cyber predators target boys and girls alike. They can be anyone in cyberspace (the person could be a 50-year-old person but may take a persona of a 12-year-old or any age the victim is of). Online predators commit child sexual abuse that begins or takes place on the Internet.

    Many predators who chat with us online have mostly done an extensive research on us before they make their move. It's called Online Grooming. The following consists of online grooming:
  • Find out victims who are already vulnerable (by the type of posts they put in) and send them a friend request or chat with them directly. Sad posts like poster, songs or wallpaper give away a lot of ideas to start the conversation

  • Through the help of facebook likes and dislikes and the listing of all their favourite movies, books, celebrities, etc they gather more information than they couldn’t receive otherwise

  • Even Instagram follower list can also be a piece of information to start the conversation

  • The victim trusts the predator more if they have any mutual friends

  • Pretend to be the age of the victim is and become friends

  • Keep the conversation engrossed to the subject the victim is interested in

  • Shower lots of love and affection when they need the most

  • Listen to their problems

  • Take them into confidence

  • Once they know the victim’s secret they use it against them and threaten them

  • Some are very aggressive and demand what they are looking for from the victim

  • Online predatory happens over but not limited to:
  • Social media platforms

  • Chat rooms

  • Online gaming platforms

  • How to identify them:
  • Asking you to do things you are not comfortable to do

  • Asking you to perform indecent acts in front of the webcam

  • Asking you to meet in places alone

  • Asking you to keep the meeting or chat a secret