Cyber Awareness

Dark Net And Child Sexual Abuse

Surface web is the one that all of us have access to, eg, Deep web contains data not accessible to normal public, eg, national security info, health report of patients etc. Dark web uses the public internet, but needs specific software to access.Tor is used to access the dark web.

Dark web is used by many people for various purposes like:

From images and videos of forced child pornography to online content by predators on how to abuse the victims are available on the dark net, it cannot be digested well by any one with sane mind. Not only is navigating for online child sexual abuse materials easy, it is also easily accessible. The anonymity provided by darknet makes it harder to find people who upload the materials and also the abusers involved in it. The content can originate from anywhere. Even newborns are not spared by the abusers. There are a large number of people involved in this vicious activity and it is scary to read facts about this topic.

Images of children in sexual positions and being abused are being circulated on the internet. Peodophiles buy the images and also try various ways to lure children through online platforms (child predatory) for such obscene activities. Many peodopiles make contact with their victim through online portals, lure the victim outside the house and kidnap them. The children also become victims of sex traffiking and other sexual trade. Dark net caters to these kind of inhuman activities where they show the chid getting raped and forced to do sexual acts. These children most of the time do not get tracked or saved.

As the novel coronavirus continues to keep children stay indoors, there’s been a rise in the online sexual exploitation of children in India. Searches for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) have been on a rise. To ensure security of your child: