Cyber Awareness

Online Stalking

Imagine you are walking to school and you see one person looking at you, you ignore them. You see them outside your school, you see them lurking around your house, you even see them when you are at the playground playing with your friends. What is the state of your mind? You will be creeped out. Now imagine the same situation in the online space. You post about your current location, check in and check out and about your personal life. The stalker can use this information to HARASS, CONTROL or INFLUENCE you.

Stalking is an invasion of another person’s privacy.

You will find online stalkers on social media platforms. They will constantly keep tabs on your online activities and sometimes even follow you around.

    Who are these online stalkers?
  • They can be people you know (your friends, family member etc)

  • They could be strangers

  • An online stalker’s behavior can be closely related to an online bully. An online stalker will:
  • Commenting and liking all the pictures you have posted (stranger)

  • Messaging you all the time

  • Being aggressive if you don’t agree to chat

  • Creating numerous accounts and harassing you online

  • Sending unwanted gifts to the victim to embarrass them at the workplace or at home

  • Posting sensitive information in public to humiliate you

  • What should you do?
  • Inform your parents or adults you trust

  • Take to authorities and put a formal complaint