Cyber Awareness

Social Media: Pros and Cons

Social media has changed the way we communicate about our life and opinion drastically. We post opinions on social media and instantly are hit by a wave of responses which are both negative and positive. Social media has helped in opening up a whole new world where if a person wants to know us better all they have to do is to check our social media profile. But every technology has its pros and cons. Let us see the pros and cons social media has on users.

    Advantages of social media exposure:
  • Communicate and connect with family and friends
  • Social media platforms have helped us to maintain contact with a lot of our old friends and family. We can video chat with them even from faraway places. Discover communities, learn new things and be part of awareness of social issues You can be part of various groups that you like and take part in campaigns and activities organised by the group. This helps in building new relationships. They can also become your support system in the longer run.

  • A platform for self expression
  • Kids can share their talent and creativity in this space. They can even gain recognition and maybe even build their career.

  • Learn new skills
  • Because the platform is bombarded with content people will be able to use this opportunity to learn from their favourite creators. Many have learnt to write content, play an instrument, learnt a forign or computer language, created art and animation just by watching the videos and content support in social media.

  • Spreading positivity
  • Lot of content regarding body positivity, self love/self care, mental health and other such topics which require notice have been circulating on the internet and it has created a lot of positive change in the mindset of people. People are more aware and woke and it has led to open discussions about topics which would normally be looked down upon.

  • Promote business, education institutions and events at a larger scale
  • This platform has been able to help many educational institutions, businesses and individual business operators/creators to expand into new markets, gain customers and supporters.

    Disadvantages of social media:
  • Identity theft
  • We provide personal information in these social media sites such as our full name, DOB, pet name, and answer other security related questions. Hackers can use this information to commit fraud. Stealing your identity becomes very easy when all our information is logged on in our social media sites. The hacker can send messages from your account or post embarrassing images and videos. Also posts like "parents out of town. Happy time, party time. [email protected]" gives the idea to a cyber predator or stalker that the child is alone and vulnerable.

  • Data privacy
  • Lot of social media users have become victims of target marketing as the social media companies sold customer data to marketing companies.

  • Loss of emotional connect
  • We have seen scenes where a group of friends sit around and are glued to their screen instead of interacting with each other. Though the idea of social media is to connect with people, sometimes it does the complete opposite. People may be addicted to their screen and do not connect with people face to face.

  • Mental harm
  • Mental harm can be caused in 2 ways. One way is when the user is trolled, bullied or harassed online for the posts (image, video, shared posts) he posts in social media sites. Second way the user is harmed is by having body image issues. Seeing other people happy in social media the user may feel that his life is not as exciting as others. Depression, anxiety and narcissism are some of the other mental harm social media apps create.

It is important to understand that not all things posted in social media are true and that we need to learn to differentiate reel and real life.