About us

We’re a small team of enthusiasts working on securing devices from attacks that come from the physical device rather than the software the system runs. We research about security that starts right from the circuit board to making tools and devices to make trusted, dependable and secure hardware.
We at bi0s, work on improving and creating new techniques to design, tweak, manipulate and exploit hardware to make devices safe, from the beginning.


IoT Security

The Internet of Things or IoT devices has become a synonym for comfort. It is making our lives smoother by connecting each other through different networks, tons of data are transmitted. But keeping aside 'convenience', is it all the more 'secure'?

Firmware Analysis

Firmware is the code that runs on an embedded device.In embedded systems, manufacturers usually go for functionality over security to decrease manufacturing cost.We analyze the firmware, to find various security vulnerabilities present.

Automotive Security

With consumers expecting new complex features for their ride, it's getting difficult for engineers to make systems that go hand in hand with security and required technicalities. We look into the extremely complex systems of vehicle security and make sure that it keeps up with the new features.


SCADA and Industrial Control Systems systems have been relatively excluded from security testing by the security industry. This has made them vulnerable and leading to some successful intrusions that have resulted in malicious attackers obtaining administrative access to core systems.

Wireless Security

As everything is getting mobile and wireless, the urgency for effective wireless threat protection is on everyone's watch, as wireless networks are developed rapidly making them vulnerable in a myriad of ways.

Hardware CTF

Hardware CTF at InCTF is an opportunity to boost the understanding and recognition of hardware security and to add another dimension to traditional CTFs. The CTF is based to demonstrate different hardware security concepts and to create a skilled community around hardware, that sparks new conversations and push to make that quantum leap. The Hardware CTF presents challenges on Automotive security, ICS-SCADA, wireless security and firmware analysis with a moment to get accustomed to the new tools to get ahead in cyberspace.