Talks and Workshops


Siddharth was invited to speak on “kernel fuzzing using syzkaller” at moosecon - internal conference by vmware on 18th september at vmware office in bangalore

Bsides Delhi WorkShop

Ashutosh is an invited speaker in bsides delhi 2019 (october 11th). he will be talking on “analysis of end to end encryption in chat applications“

Bsides 2019

Kartheek lade conducted a workshop on car hacking at bsides delhi 2019 Conference

Geethna and Sowmya were invited to 2019 conference (22-24 oct) in luxembourg and took a workshop on introduction to reverse engineering, exploitation and crypto

MEC Developer Conference

Abhiram Kumar conducted a workshop on memory forensics - a ctf approach at mec dev conf, kochi.

BSides Delhi

Shruti and Neelam are invited to take a workshop on getting started with reverse engineering, binary exploitation and cryptography at bsides delhi 2019

IISC WorkShop

Sowmya Potluri and Sayooj Samuel were selected to attend a 4-day workshop on secure multiparty computation: theory and practice 2020, at the indian institute of science (iisc), bangalore. the speakers at this event were top cryptographers, including ran canetti (boston university, usa), yuval ishai (technion, israel), benny pinkas and camit hazay (bar ilan university, israel) among others.