Team bi0s

About bi0s

Team bi0s is a cyber-security enthusiast club and research group from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (University), India. The team was formally launched as a CTF team in 2007 under the mentorship of Vipin Pavithran, a faculty at Amrita's Centre for Cyber Security. It was among the first CTF team from India, and ever-since has been spearheading CTFs in the country - from starting InCTF, India's First CTF and consistently ranking No.1 in CTFTime since it was established. Over the years, the team has evolved into a cyber-security research group, with specialized teams in 10+ cyber-security focus areas.

How we function?

The team functions as a family, and uses a mentor mentee model wherein senior students train and pass on experience & skills they gained to their junior mentees. This happens through out their years at the community, and is facilitated through various activities the club organizes & events and contests it participates as a team.

What do we do?

Here are some of the things our members do:

  1. Learning & Researching on various Cyber Security fields
  2. Participating & organizing CTFs across the world
  3. Organizing workshops & training programmes
  4. Contributing to open-source security tools
  5. Designing and testing hardware security modules
  6. Collaborating in international cyber-security research projects
  7. Penetration testing, bug-bounty hunting & submitting CVEs
  8. Providing Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Our Teams

We have specialized teams focusing on various areas in cyber-security -

bi0s CTF

The bi0s CTF team participates in various global CTFs throughout the year, and organizes various CTFs including the InCTFs. It has members specializing in Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Forensics, Android etc.

bi0s Hardware

The bi0s Hardware specializes in hardware cyber security. Members of this team have expertise in Embedded Systems, Firmware Analysis, Wireless Security, Automotive Security, ICS/SCADA Security, Side Channel Analysis etc.

bi0s Pentest

The bi0s Pentest team actively research on how to detect and exploit flaws in various networks, cloud appliances and web-based systems. With the main focus on penetration testing and boot2root type CTFs, we actively participate in bug-bounty programs for a real-time bug-hunting experience.

bi0s Tools

The bi0s Tools team engages itself in the development of wide-variety of cyber-security tools.

Here's what recruiters had to say about us

Freshers from Amrita are better than experienced people I have hired from outside. 8 out of 12 people in the security team are Amrita alumni.
Senior Manager, Product Security, VMware
I can vouch for their superior technical skills, dedication and enthusiasm. The training they receive is excellent.
Information Security Investigator, Cisco
I am very happy with their performance, especially level of understanding in cyber security
Divyanshu Verma, Sr. Manager, Intel R&D, Bengaluru